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Cirque & Circus Acts for hire














Aerial Acrobatics

 -  Silks  -  Chain  -  Lyra  - Trapeze  -  Hammock  -

Modern Cirque Acts

-  Jumping Stilts  -  Contact Juggling  -  Contortion / Hand Balancing  -  Object Manipulation  -

Traditional Circus Acts

  -  Mini Bike  -  Tight Rope Walking  -  Stilt Walking  -  Toss Juggling  -  Unicycling  - Plate Spinning / Ball Spinning -


Stilt Performers


Stilt Walking: Tall peg stilts pushing the performer to heights of 10ft and more. Charismatic characters dance, pose for photos, walk over unsuspecting victims, and juggle. Stilt Walking is a perfect family act fun for the whole family!


Jumping Stilt Acrobatics: This high flying act is great for parades and other large outdoor events. Jumping more than 6ft in the air and performing tricks and flips, these performers 

Available Cirque & Circus Acts


From traditional classics to modern styles, Bacchanal Promotions is Michigan's premier source for all things circus.

Variety Artists


Many of our strolling entertainers offer many different circus acts, and even a single performer can provide more than a dozen unique and spectacular acts at a single event. Acts vary with each performer, but typically include all of the following acts and more: Stilt Walking, Juggling, Contact Juggling, Fire Performances, Plate Spinning, and others.



Aerial Acrobats


Aerial entertainment is a graceful and powerful display of elegance and strength. Known for its prominence in modern Cirque shows, performers hang, swing, and spin from the ceiling in elaborate choreographies. Many disciplines are available, from classic silks, lyra, and trapeze to unique aerial apparatuses such as aerial chain, strap, and hammock.


Aerialists are available for stage productions and/or ambient entertainment.



One of the most popular circus acts throughout history, juggling is a classic for a reason. Our jugglers are at the peak of technical skill as well as audience interaction. Whether they're juggling balls, clubs, knives, torches, or rubber chickens, they'll always make it fun for everyone.


Juggling is part of our stage shows and variety strolling entertainment, and available for interactive workshops or lessons.

Object Manipulators


Relatively new to the circus world is the field of object manipulation. Consisting of contact juggling, isolation hoop, spinning cube, club swinging, and other unique props, object manipulation is a combination of juggling and pantomime.


These acts are sophisticated and entertaining for all ages, making them perfect for adding playful charm to adult-centered events, or a touch of elegance to family events.

Contortionists / Hand Balancers


Bending into impossible poses, contortionists redefine the limits of human flexibility. Adding hand balancing and acrobatics, they create a sense of awe and wonder. Though popular at Cirque theme events, contortionists and hand balancers are an amazing addition to any event.


Now Available: Hand Balancing Foot Archery!



A fast-paced offering by our variety artists, unicycles are great for quickly moving through a large crowd as well as performances in parades and festival midways. Unicycle tricks as well as juggling while riding add a fun and whimsical quality to family events.

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