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"Everywhere I go I hear talk of how great it was" – Michael Wright – Dunsmuir, CA 

"These guys put on the most amazing show on earth!!! I wish I could attend every single show, because they're INCREDIBLE!!!" – Betty Rolf – Dexter, MI 

"Loved the show again this year. Kids are now pretending they are circus performers, thus you guys are an inspiration." – Steve-Audrey Waid – Titusville, PA 

"We cannot thank you guys enough for putting on such a wonderful show for us" – Cassandra King – Lake Orion, MI 

"You guys did a fantastic job today. We loved the show! I don't think our daughter looked away for a second." – Karen MacGregor – Roxbury, NY 

"an absolute delight to work with" – Maggie Cullen – Roxbury, NY 

"so amazing, people will be talking about it for weeks!" – Anna Mills – Thunder Bay, ON 

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