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Sideshow Acts for hire

Sideshow acts  -  Sword Swalloing  -  Bed of Nails / Glass  -  Human Block Head / Mental Floss  - 

Glass Eating  -  Straight Jacket/ Tennis Racquet Escape  -  Sword Ladder  -  Razor Blade Eating  -  Grinder Girl

Explore our available acts and browse slideshows of each. This is a partial list, if there is something you are looking for that isn't listed here, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss available options.

Available Sideshow Acts


Pushing the boundries of innovation and stupidity, sideshow performers put themselves in danger for entertainment.

Sword Swallowing


The most exclusive, difficult, and dangerous of all circus sideshow acts, sword swallowing is the act of ingesting a solid steel blade down through the mouth and into the stomach of the performer. Bacchanal Promotions' own Andrew D'Ascenzo is Michigan's ONLY true sword swallower, one of only a few dozen in the world.


Booked as part of a solo stage show or in the Top Hat Side Show. 


Bed of Nails


Our pain-proof performer lies unprotected on the sharpened points of hundreds of steel spikes. As if that isn't dangerous enough, a concrete block is then smashed on his body, plunging him deeper into the spikes.


This high-impact act is available in stage performances including the Top Hat Side Show.

Human Blockhead / Mental Floss


Going beyond ordinary fingers, human blockheads will stick all sorts of things into their noses. From nails to spoons, straws to balloons, nothing is too bizarre for these nasal sword swallowers.


This act packs light, and is available in any of our stage productions as well as during strolling entertainment. Perfect for any occasion when you want your audience unsure whether to applaud or cringe.

Glass Eating


No gimmicks, no tricks, this performer actually eats a REAL lightbulb, on stage for your entertainment. Due to the danger involved, very few performers ever attempt this stunt, instead opting for the safer "sugar glass" gaffe. Make no mistake, this is exactly as horrifying as it sounds.


Disclaimer: This act is limited to special engagements only. Please inquire specifically if you are interested in this act.

Grinder / Sparks


A unique act where burlesque takes a turn to the extreme. Burlesque dancers create a shower of sparks with an angle grinder just millimeters from their bare skin. Watch as the sparks rain down on the performer in a death-defying spectacle.


Note: Although there is no nudity, this act is generally suitable for adult audiences only.



The "escape" is a classic in traditional sideshow, and is reinvented in the Top Hat Side Show to be impressive as well as whimsical and comedic.


For special events and media events, large-scale escapes are available using cranes, vehicles, and other props.

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