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Fire Acts for hire

Fire acts  -  Breathing  -  Eating  -  Staff  -  Poi  -  Hoop  -  Fans  -  Rope Dart

Explore our available acts and browse slideshows of each. This is a partial list, if there is something you are looking for that isn't listed here, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss available options.

Available Fire Acts


Fire Performance gives a high-energy burst to all types of events, and draws huge crowds of all ages and demographics.

Fire Breathing


One of the most high impact acts of any circus performance is fire breathing. The performer breathes aspirated fuel from his mouth and into a lit torch, creating a breathtaking blast of flame that can reach up to 25 feet in the air.


This act is a great finale, and is featured in most of our outdoor stage productions.


For safety reasons, fire breathing is only available outdoors.

Fire Eating


Fire eating is the act of an entertainer placing a lit torch into the mouth, and then manipulating the flame with various effects and additional torches. Fire eating is of of the most popular fire acts, and our performers offer the most technical and elegant performances of this beautiful performance.


Fire eating is incredibly versatile, and can be performed safely in almost any setting, indoors or outside.


Fire Poi


The most technical and difficult fire act is fire poi, involving swinging two chains in intricate patterns around the performer's body. While spinning mere inches from the face, as well as behind the back and between legs, a successful poi performance requires extreme precision and unparalleled spacial awareness. Bacchanal Promotions' performers have been performing and teaching fire poi far longer than any other company in Michigan, and have helped shape the rapidly growing community of fire artists.

Fire Staff


When looking for high energy circus entertainment, it is difficult to top the rapid spins and high throws of a fire staff performance. Fire staff (and its variations: contact staff, dragon staff and double staff) are fast and intense, providing a jaw-dropping visual experience for the audience.


This act is also very flexible, and can be adjusted to allow for a small performance in a small space, or to fill a large open stage with grand movements and high tosses.

Fire Fans


A great act combining the technical detail of poi, the scale of having many torches lit at once, and the grace of a fan dance. Fire fans spin and pose equally well, making them a unique way to showcase fire performance.

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