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Hand-made torches designed for professional fire eating.

Affordable, elegant and unique design by Bacchanal Promotions.

Each fire eating torch is hand-made using a unique method designed to maximize ease of use and audience visibility, while leaving minimal exposed metal. For first-time users, we highly recommend taking our fire safety and fire eating workshop before practicing on your own. 

New Design! 

Introducing a new larger design for professional fire eaters! This design features a similar shape, but has double the internal volume and 50% more surface area. The resulting larger flame is easier to see in daylight, and lasts 50% longer than our original design. Not recommended for beginner fire eaters. 

- no exposed metal on the end of the torch
- very tight wrap allows secure grip on wick (ie. with teeth)
- thinner torch makes the flame easier to tolerate in mouth
- longer torch makes a larger flame (better for audiences)
- threaded handle keeps torch from sliding, even with oily hands

Torch length: varies (standard is ~18")
Wick Length: ~2"
Standard Wick Width: ~5/8"
Large Wick Width: ~7/8"

Torch Length and Wick length can be customized by request.

Custom torches are available, contact for more details.


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