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       A show unlike any other, the Top Hat Side Show takes the one-of-a-kind spectacle of the circus sideshow and introduces it to a whole new market. For the first time, elegant galas, corporate events and family festivals can enjoy a sophisticated portrayal of some of the most death-defying and mystical performing arts found anywhere.


  The Top Hat Side Show is an action packed comedy show featuring the most dangerous and awe inspiring performers in their fields. A nationally recognized and universally appealing variety show, the Top Hat Side Show has had national TV appearances including HBO, ESPN, NBC, as well as previous work with Cirque du Soleil, Second City, and other world-renowned circuses and projects since its creation in 2008. Innovators in many styles of performance art, this show is unlike any other entertainment anywhere. The theatre-style vaudeville experience has dozens of unique circus and sideshow acts such as sword swallowing, fire breathing, life threatening escapes, mind reading, death-defying sideshow stunts, as well as mind-bending illusions and an unbeatable comedic style. 

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